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Emotional pain results when we are not sure how to cope with difficult feelings, thoughts, relationships and life circumstances. Feelings themselves are challenging to change, but through therapy you can learn new points of view, skills and how to respond to unpleasant feelings in a manner that encourages lasting change in your life.

Therapeutic Style

Our therapists strive to create an environment that you'll find warm, welcoming, and free of judgment. We believe your treatment should be crafted with you, based on the particular changes you hope to make and challenges you want to address. We each draw on knowledge of specific psychotherapy approaches. In general, our approaches focus on building skills and strategies for change rather than reflecting on your feelings and experiences only. We also focus on the present and future, though do not minimize the impact of the past. Check out our profiles to learn more.

What to expect

At your first meeting, we'll talk about your history, what has led you to look for support now, and what you hope to get out of the process. At each session (usually weekly for 45-50 minutes) we'll work towards those goals together. The time it takes to feel you have accomplished what you want from therapy varies. We will regularly check in with you about how our work is serving your goals. We believe a strong therapeutic relationship is mutual, so your feedback about our work is encouraged at any time and you will receive formal feedback surveys. While we deeply enjoy working with you, our intention is for you to grow and when appropriate, end our work. We believe this is a productive and realistic approach to therapy. 

We are skilled at individual therapy and do not offer couples or family therapy at this time.

Our Specialties

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