Life Changes Counseling & Care Planning

Finding what's next, together.

About the practice

Life Changes Counseling & Care Planning is a values-based group of highly skilled providers committed to helping individuals thrive in the later decades of life. We believe all lives are enhanced when people are encouraged to discover their own unique ways to live with passion, authenticity and purpose, particularly in the face of life’s challenges.

Our team brings a keen awareness of how the varied elements of life—emotional and physical health, the environment, day-to-day realities, relationships—interact to impact people’s overall wellness. Our providers bring this holistic approach to both counseling and care planning services. Whether you want talk therapy, guidance in planning for the future or simply aren't sure where to start, we can help. We believe this one stop shop approach sets us apart from many other qualified providers who may focus only on therapy or only on finding and coordinating practical resources.

Kate Krajci, LCSW founded Life Changes Counseling & Care Planning in 2015 to live her passion of supporting older adults and family caregivers seeking transformative change through psychotherapy and proactive future planning. To increase access to experts in aging and mental health, Life Changes Counseling & Care Planning is expanding to include additional professionals who are passionate about aging-related issues.

Our Values

We firmly believe that values act as a compass for meaningful living. Life Changes Counseling & Care Planning embraces these values for our clients and team alike:

Our Team


Our clients and team have found telehealth to be convenient, flexible, and as effective as in-person appointments. We use a privacy-protected video service through our electronic medical record company. When you begin work with us, you will be sent an email invitation to create an online account. This online account will be your home for telehealth appointments, forms and paperwork, as well as paying any bills by credit card.

You can use your desktop or laptop computer, smartphone or tablet for appointments. Most of these devices will already have a camera and microphone built in. Please use a reliable, strong internet connection in a private location. To make the most of our time together, we ask that you not drive or multi-task during your appointment.

We have chosen to embrace the benefits of telehealth while appreciating that at times the technology can be frustrating or not the best fit for everyone. If you are seeking in-person services and do not have referrals other than our practice, email us and we will send a short list of providers (not affiliated with our practice) who may be available.