Life Changes Counseling & Care Planning

Finding what's next, together.

Kate Krajci, LCSW

(773) 916-6745

53 W. Jackson Blvd.
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Chicago IL 60604

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I bring a keen awareness of how the varied elements of our lives—emotional and physical health, our environment, day-to-day realities, relationships—interact to impact our overall wellness. I bring this holistic approach to both counseling and care planning services. Whether you want talk therapy, guidance in planning for the future or simply aren't sure where to start, I can help. I believe this one stop shop approach sets me apart from many other qualified practitioners who may focus only on therapy or only on finding and coordinating practical resources.

Training and experience

During my social work career, I have worked with older adults, their families and friends in community-based mental health, geriatric care management, health care and nursing home-based rehabilitation settings.  In a counseling relationship I bring an integrative approach to best support you in reaching your goals for therapy.

A commitment to older adults

Growing up as the youngest of a small, multigenerational family, I was always surrounded by people older than me. As a result, I had exposure from a young age to the concerns that arose as my family members grew older or coped with chronic and terminal illnesses.  I saw first-hand how both individuals and families wrestled with changes in health and memory, differing opinions, end of life issues and grief.  I began to notice how society often overlooks older people as individuals, minimizing their unique life experiences and strengths. I decided to devote my career to changing how society views aging and to helping those who face challenges in later life continue to thrive despite the circumstances they might face.

My name

People are often curious about my last name.  It's pronounced "KRAY-chee," and is Czech in origin.