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Insurance & Fees

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We are pleased to accept the following insurances for counseling/psychotherapy services:

If your insurance is not listed above, payment must be made out of pocket at time of service. If you would like to seek reimbursement at the out of network rate for your insurance company, we are happy to provide any requested documentation. Please note, we do not accept Medicaid, including when it is a supplemental insurance to Medicare.

Care planning is not covered by health insurance but may be covered by long term care insurance; check your policy and contact us if you have questions about potential coverage. Payment for care planning is expected at time of service.


Our out of pocket fees begin at $150.00. 

For the health insurances listed above, we accept contractual in-network rates for medically necessary outpatient psychotherapy services. We bill insurances directly on your behalf. 

Please call or email to learn more about fees for the service in which you are interested.

Because we reserve time just for you, missed appointments or cancellations/changes with less than 24 hour notice will be charged a $100.00 out of pocket fee.